Glass pipe "Drago

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Glass pipe "Drago" is a product of myths and fantasies, this creature spewing flames and hiding in a cave with innumerable riches. Meet the pocket dragon "Drago". But it so happened that each hero in his list of exploits is always worth killing a dragon. Why kill the dragon? After all, you can make friends with him! And this glass tube "Drago" can be your best friend. Small bumps on the tube, reminiscent of dragon scales, maroon-red colors have never been so dragon-red. Borosilicate mate is able to withstand even the blazing heat of the present, the turbo hole will create you all the comfortable conditions for smoking, and the pleasant and small size will help to hide the tube away from prying eyes.

  • Material: borosilicate glass
  • Size: 11 cm
  • Country of Origin: USA

Not all dragons are evil!

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