Product image 1Glass pipe "GRAV"
Product image 2Трубка стеклянная "GBAV"
Product image 3Glass pipe "GRAV"
Product image 4Glass pipe "GRAV"
Product image 5Glass pipe "GRAV"
Product image 6Glass pipe "GRAV"

Glass pipe "GRAV"

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Glass pipe "GRAV" - inspiration in its purest form. GRAV engineers put a lot of effort into creating such a tube. And when an engineering approach comes into play, an ultimatum device is obtained. The tube has the shape of a "spoon" and the bowl is slightly turned in the direction of the smoker; this will be a big plus along with the mouthpiece that is recessed inward. When you pull out of this tube, the ashes will remain precisely in the tube itself and will not prevent you from enjoying smoking. The bowl has enough depth, even for a tight driving of the mixture, unless of course you, like a plump boy, shove some cookies for distribution at the mall. Smooth and beautifully carved figure, like a pretty and relaxed beauty. In general, something we are too carried away.

We warn you that each tube that has gone out of production may differ from the one shown in the photo in color and pattern. Simply put, each tube is unique.

  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Length: 9.9 cm
  • Country of origin: USA, Texas

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