Product image 1Трубка стеклянная "Blue"
Product image 2Трубка стеклянная "Blue"
Product image 3Трубка стеклянная "Blue"

Glass pipe "Blue"

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Glass pipe "Blue" is a glass representative of special devices called One-Hitter. Technically, this is still the same ordinary glass tube, but in particular it is worth mentioning that the blue bowl interferes with a maximum of up to 0.25 g of the smoking mixture. And thanks to the direct form, smoking this volume is much simpler and takes place in one puff. That's in fact the whole secret of the device. Well, "Blue" is made of borosilicate glass, the length of this "bruise" reaches 8 cm. Due to its size and the specifics of the device, it may not be suitable for every beginner. But if you are a pro and try to save on the mix, then the choice is obvious

  • Length: 8 cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Country of manufacture: USA

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